Let's tour the City of Lights shall we? Or as they say "La Ville-Lumière".

This area has been populated for millenia.It gets its name from the the Iron age Parisii tribe (the Celtic Gallic word parisio means "the working people"). It's here next to the river Seine the Romans came cruising through and called the place "Lutetia Parisiorum", Lutetia of the Parisii. By 360 AD it was just Paris. 

In Paris, Dogs are welcome. Except on the metro (what's up with that?) so plan on walking your human. I know they complain but what-a-ya gonna' do? They're just bi-peds.

By the way "City of Lights" gets its inspiration from Paris being the center of enlightenment (ie:Dogs allowed) and the early adoption of street lights (ie: more lamp poles=places to sniff and piddle).

Let's go to Paris!