France! The number one tourist destination on the planet. 79.5 million humans a year.

The name "France" comes from the Latin "Francia", which means "Country of the Franks" 

Humans have been doing the human thing here for 180,000 years. It's been a great hangout for the Neanderthals, the Gauls and little emporers with acid reflex, all of whome appreciated or posed for paintings from caves to the Louvre.

It's also thee place for dogs to be tourists. We are welcome almost everywhere. It's true! I get to go into restaurants and stores with my peeps. In fact I get better customer service than they do. "Bonjour bon chien!" and then I get a table... well I get an under the table and the waiter hops-too with a nice cool bowl of water. I love the French.

By the way the photo above is me at the castle at Carcasonne. Read more about that on the right.